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Mass DM

The cornerstone of this bot’s development and arguably our most prominent selling point. Reach millions of cold leads in seconds via our Mass DM outreach function.

Mass Liking of Posts

Why go through third-party SMM panels when you can automate thousands of your own accounts to like dozens of publications within minutes? Become your own source for botted likes via InstaInfantry.

Embedded Image Editor

Seeking to rehash old content but don’t want to get identified? Our built-in image editor will add just the right amount of noise, mesh and contrast to render dozens of new, unique images from just a singular photo. Keep your accounts safe from being tracked via reverse image recognition.

Bulk Auto-DM New Followers

Seeking to run the theme page/M;S Strategy? InstaInfantry’s Bulk Auto-DM feature enables you to send a custom message and share links/profiles/posts with your target as soon as they hit that follow button.

Mass Commenting

Seeking to artificially increase engagement? Or perhaps you want to leave comments on trending posts Shouting out your main business profile? Either is perfectly doable with InstaInfantry’s Mass Commenting feature. 


Received a checkpoint to pass a captcha or verify via SMS/Email? Automate the solving of each via our API integrated services.

Account Management

If you’re seeking to rebrand profiles to suit your operational needs, out account management feature covers it all. Change hundreds of your infantry accounts’ profile images, bios or usernames with just a singular click of a button.

Filtration of Target Audiences

Collect laser-targeted audiences for your Mass DM/Outreach Operations using our scraping and filtration feature. Scrape lists of your competitors’ followers and filter them to your liking via 14 of our built-in filters.

And Much, Much More!


Frequently Asked Questions

What OS is InstaInfantry compatible with?

InstaInfantry is currently only compatible with Windows OS. If you have a Mac or Linux, you’ll need to either install a virtual machine or rent a dedicated Windows server. We actually recommend getting a dedicated server to all our clientele given that InstaInfantry must be turned on at all times in order to execute its operations. Not to mention the additional edge in operational security that comes with not downloading unknown software onto your personal machine.

How does InstaInfantry work?

 InstaInfantry is a piece of software that utilizes our back-end server to send and receive requests between you, the client, and Instagram via private APIs and web pages.

Can my account get banned?

Our ideology revolves around using expendable profiles to carry out all the dirty work associated with raising awareness for your branded accounts. Unlike other bots, InstaInfantry does not claim to be “safe” and implores that you only automate accounts you’re willing to lose. So long as you stick to its intended premise and not automate your main business profile, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Do you issue refunds?

Yes, there is a 24 hour grace period to retract your purchase. Beyond that, all sales are final and will not be subject to refunds.

Do you offer free trials?

No, free trials are too burdensome on our resources and there are too many instances of users abusing free trial systems on bots in the past. It’ll also ensure that the users who’ve purchased the bot have a stronger incentive to learn how it functions

How much can I expect to grow/gain using your bot?

That would be entirely contingent on the type of tactics or strategies you intend to utilize when running InstaInfantry. Similar to using FB or Google Ads, your rate of return boils down to your planning, execution and optimization. And just like FB or Google Ads, InstaInfantry will yield the desired eyeballs on your advert but whether those users convert fully rests in the hands of your marketing capabilities.

Do you provide technical support?

 We’ll be including a lot of documentation and video-based tutorials for executing a wide variety of strategies. However, if technical issues emerge, you can use Sellix’s contact feature to report any bugs or crashes or contact us directly via telegram. Once we accumulate a user base of 100, we’ll create a group chat on Discord or Telegram to address technical questions.

How do I know you're not just going to immediately bail on maintaining the bot after selling a bunch of licenses?

 A very large proportion of our revenue is comprised of repeat purchases such as proxy rentals and infantry accounts. Therefore, there is a correlational relationship between our lifetime customer value and our other digital products that make InstaInfantry a useful piece of software in the first place. It is in our best interests to keep the bot alive and functional for hopefully years to come so that our clientele can continue to purchase our add-on products in accordance with their desired volume of promotional activity.

Why is InstaInfantry so expensive?

InstaInfantry is a very advanced piece of software. A simple look at our free Mass DM tutorial will show you the various measures and features we’ve implemented to make this bot as fool-proof as can be. InstaInfantry is not your run-of-the-mill Chrome extension bot and is therefore priced accordingly. There are very few bots on the market that have included an image editor feature, not to mention various integrations with captcha-solving services and virtual SMS verification.


   …using it right now and I’m amazed by the many functions this program has. It’s insane stuff, [GHM] literally thought of everything that could possibly happen.


    This may be the most advanced bot I’ve ever seen. Definitely has a learning curve to it but it’s got a hell of an edge over [Competitor] when it comes to Instagram. 


   …been exploring [GHM’s] tool for 3 days now and have only really used maybe about half of all the available features. I’ve sent over 15,000 DMs so far and gained 3 new clients so you can say I’m pretty happy with it. 


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