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Social Media Growth on Steroids!

Tired of your posts being overlooked by the algorithms? Tired of spending hours upon hours creating amazing content only for it to receive ZERO new publicity? Tired of the ever-decreasing reach of hashtags and countless “organic” tactics that deliver no tangible results?

If so, then join us on the Grey side as we fight fire with fire. Let our black hat infrastructure do the growing for you!



Scalable and Efficient Social Media Growth

DIY Automation Tools

Choose from a variety of digital products such as software, proxies and existing social media accounts. Everything one would need to get started with black hat growth hacking.

DIY Tutorials

For those seeking to build their own set-ups, we give you personalized guidance towards creating and operating your own bot network from the ground up.

One-on-One Consultation Calls

In-depth coaching service to resolve any questions or issues you may have with social media automation.

DFY Lead Generation

Whether you want followers, leads or website clicks, our DFY services can deliver thousands of them within minutes. Send up to a million DMs instantly to hyper-targeted users. 


Boost Your Social Media Results Instantly 

No longer will you feel like you're screaming into the void that is social media. Whether you're an influencer, an artist, a small business, or an SaaS,  my products and services will ensure that your content gets appreciated by the people that matter most. No fake followers or bots. Only real people with a real interest in your niche.

why grey hat nik?

Have access to all of the following:

All Major Platforms

Hand Made Growth Solutions

Outstanding Customer Support

Higher Engagement

Updates & Solutions

Increased Organic Reach

Full Package Customization

Scalable and Exponential Growth

"Nik's lead gen DM service had given me 63 new leads within 3 day's time. I couldn't have been happier with the quality of his services."

Jackson O. 

"(GHM has)a solid line of products. Really simplified what is usually a mess to deal with."

Zay P.

"GreyHatNik is an Instagram master. Super knowledgeable in all things social media and really knows his stuff when it comes to automation. Def recommend getting his ebook."

Jared S.


 King and infantry

Program up to hundreds of bots to push your page to target users 

Whatever strategy you can come up with, my tools can execute it. Use tried and true strategies or experiment with your own. Finding your perfect audience has never been easier. Choose from numerous filters such as language, keywords, geo-location, gender and many more.  

Fully automated for your convenience 

Non-Stop Growth Around the Clock on Autopilot

Perfect set of tools for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re growing one account or a dozen, let our software do the heavy lifting. Simply set up your desired operations and then sit back and watch.


Choose from a variety of products

The Grey Hat Marketing Store is a one-stop-shop for all your social media automation needs. Whether you’re looking for accounts, software, proxies or DFY solutions, the staff will ensure that you find what you’re looking for. Check out our most popular product categories below!

Start Dominating Social Media Today!

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