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5+ Years of Automating Social Media

Growing on social media has become increasingly harder to do with each year. The competition is simply just too fierce and old ways of garnering exposure for your business are no longer effective. I have spent over 8 years growing social media pages, both organically and non-organically. I’ve experimented with every trick in the book and have dedicated myself to building unorthodox tools for helping my clientele grow their social media presence.

DIY Automation Tools

Choose from a variety of digital products such as software, proxies and existing social media accounts. Everything one would need to get started with black hat growth hacking.

DIY Tutorials

For those seeking to build their own set-ups, we give you personalized guidance towards creating and operating your own bot network from the ground up.

One-on-One Consultation Calls

In-depth coaching service to resolve any questions or issues you may have with social media automation.

DFY Lead Generation

Whether you want followers, leads or website clicks, our DFY services can deliver thousands of them within minutes. Send up to a million DMs instantly to hyper-targeted users.

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Years in Business

My Story

Never Be Solely Reliant Upon Algorithms for Growth

I was a white-hat growth marketer for many years before transitioning over to the grey side. For years, my only aim was to please the social media algorithms. I was utterly dependent on them for all my growth and revenue. It served me well for a number of years. Until the day I lost nearly 300,000 followers because of one bad advert. After that, I was determined to find alternative methods for growth. No longer did I want to pray each time I posted, hoping my lucky stars aligned well enough for the algorithm to bless me. No longer did I want to be at the mercy of hashtags or begging for shout-outs from larger pages. No longer did I want to spend months crafting amazing content only to see minuscule growth 3 months down the road. Turning my back on all of that led to the development of Grey Hat Marketing, an all-in-one solution to employing the use of sophisticated bot networks to garner massive amounts of exposure through social media. 

– Grey Hat Nik


Meet The Team

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Nik l.

Founder & Strategist

A Russian-American digital marketer with a background in statistics and technology. Founder of Grey Hat Marketing and a long standing social media growth hacker whose first success story leads back to his early teens.

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Alzhan k.

Lead DevOps 

A Kazakh full-stack developer with an ever-increasing knowledge of social media automation. Harbors expert level knowledge in navigating undocumented APIs and keeps our software on the market.

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Lead Designer 

A Russian-Singaporean digital marketer with a strong base of knowledge surrounding organic social media growth and graphic design. Assists in the execution of DFY services and replenishes the GHM Store.

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