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Growing on social media is tougher than ever. With fierce competition and outdated methods of gaining exposure, it’s time for a new approach. With over 8 years of experience, I’ve honed my skills in both organic and non-organic growth strategies. I’ve explored every trick in the book and developed unique tools to help clients boost their social media presence.

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Meet Grey Hat Nik


I was a white hat growth marketer for many years before transitioning over to the grey side. For years, my only aim was to please the social media algorithms. I was utterly dependent on them for all my growth and revenue. It served me well for a number of years. Until the day I lost nearly 300,000 followers because of one bad advert. After that I was determined to find alternative methods for growth. No longer did I want to pray each time I posted, hoping my lucky stars aligned well enough for the algorithm to bless me. No longer did I want to be at the mercy of hashtags or begging for shoutouts from larger pages. No longer did I want to spend months crafting amazing content only to see minuscule growth 3 months down the road. Turning my back on all of that led to the development of Grey Hat Marketing. An all-in-one solution to employing the use of sophisticated bot networks to garner massive amounts of exposure through social media.


Driving growth for our clients

Nik L.


A Russian-American digital marketer with a background in statistics and technology. Founder of Grey Hat Marketing and a long standing social media growth hacker whose first success story leads back to his early teens.

Alzhan K.


A Kazakh full-stack developer with an ever-increasing knowledge of social media automation. Carries expert level knowledge in navigating undocumented APIs and keeps out software on the market.

Danil R.


A Russian-Singaporean digital marketer with a strong base of knowledge surrounding organic social media growth and graphic design. Assists I the execution of DFY services and replenishes the GHM store.

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