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If you have any questions regarding one of our products or services or would like a custom enterprise plan, feel free to shoot me and my team a message. For in-depth queries regarding the mechanics of social media automation, feel free to book a consultation call. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does social media automation work?

I publish case studies in my blog on a regular basis depicting the exact methods through which we execute various automation strategies. If you’re keen to learn more about successfully botting social media, I highly suggest you start by reading the tutorials.

How much can I expect to grow?

That would be entirely contingent on the type of tactics or strategies you intend to utilize when using our products. Similar to using FB or Google Ads, your rate of return boils down to your planning, execution and optimization. And just like FB or Google Ads, our products will yield the desired eyeballs on your advert but whether those users convert fully rests in the hands of your marketing capabilities.

Do you issue refunds?

Each product sold within the Grey Hat Marketing Store has a unique warranty attached to it. Some are subject to refunds, others are only subject to replacements. Familiarize yourself with each by clicking on the warranty section above each product description. 

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Yes, discounts for each product and service are listed within each product description. 

Can my account get banned?

Our ideology revolves around using expendable profiles to carry out all the dirty work associated with raising awareness for your branded accounts. We do not claim to be “safe” and implore that you only automate accounts you’re willing to lose. So long as you stick to the intended premise and not automate your main business profile, your account will not face any penalties.

Can I send links?

If purchasing the Lead Generation via DM service, I’m afraid that link sending is impossible as it severely compromises the longevity of our operations. Accounts get disabled far too quickly and our profit margin disappears entirely. If you’re dead-set on sending links however and think you’ll net a positive ROI, shoot us a message and I’ll send you a custom invoice.

Do you offer free trials?

No, free trials are too burdensome on our resources and there are too many instances of users abusing free trial systems on bots in the past. It’ll also ensure that the users who’ve purchased the bot have a stronger incentive to learn how it functions

What's the value in booking consultation calls?

Consultation calls are primarily used for setting up your first campaign or conducting research for enterprise-level solutions. They can also be used for solving high-level technical issues or developing a custom script/function in accordance with your given needs.

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